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Electric wood plank is what we often call glue board, its scientific name is phenolic laminate pressboard. This kind of material is the phenolic resin that is made by reaction of high purity and total synthetic petrified material is made as resin adhesive. We judge that electric wood boards can’t be like boards. Although there are two words in wood boards, but wood boards are two different materials. The way to judge the quality is different. Now let’s see how to tell whether the electric board is good or bad.

1. We must first know how to observe the electrical board transparency. Good quality electric board transmittance need to reach about 94%, less transparent recycled material added more proof. Poor quality electrical blackboard color black.

2. We can see that the thickness of the plate is thicker, and the material is more sufficient. The higher the proportion, the higher the cost, and the better the quality of the plate. This method is also the same as the method of weight per unit area. Open the protective film carefully to look at the surface of the plate. The plate without impurities is completely new, and the more the impurities are added, the more obvious the quality of the plate is, the worse the sheet quality is.

3. Take a piece of electric wood sample and bend it. If it is brittle, the quality of the plate is very poor. Polycarbonate is the main raw material for producing and processing electric wood plank. It is a new high quality decorative material widely adopted in the world today, which is high intensity, light transmission, sound insulation and energy saving.

About the quality of bakelite plate judgment, we introduced here, if you are on the electrical board of FR-4 glass plate (yellow halogen, halogen white), Teflon, non-metallic materials processing all kinds of acrylic and have any questions or needs, please call our company, or to watch factory and negotiate with us.

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