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Insulating rubber is an insulating adhesive for local processing parts. The adhesive is acid resistant, alkali resistant and temperature resistant. It can be easily stripped and recyclable. The operation process is as follows:

(1) brush. Before use, the black sticky glue is transferred to the proper viscosity with toluene and then brushed with a brush. After each coating, it is dried at 60~80 degrees C for 20 to 30min (natural air drying). After drying, it is coated again, and generally needs to be painted 3~4 times.

(2) repair. Use a knife to carefully repair the excess gelatin over the insulating part. The adhesive has good toughness, and it is difficult to cut off when dressing. It needs to be careful to prevent the cutting edge to pull up and affect the insulation effect.

(3) scavenging after anodic oxidation. The adhesive can be exfoliate well, the stripped glue is cleaned and dried, and can be reused after the toluene is dissolved.

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