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How to prevent aging of high density insulating cardboard? ZTELEC GROUP reminds you that you should pay attention to the following five points:


1. To prevent high density cardboard from being in a high temperature environment. Because the ambient temperature increases by 8 degrees C, the life of high density insulating paperboard will be reduced by half.

2., To avoid light and radiation, because light and radiation will change the molecular structure of insulation and reduce the intensity of insulation.

3. To avoid contact with corrosive chemical gas or liquid, because these will make high density insulation board insulation performance change, reduce insulation strength.

4. transportation should be used as a clean means of transport with protective measures. It should not be transported together with contaminated materials; it is not allowed to throw cardboard from high places when handling and stacking.

5. high density insulating cardboard should be kept in good order so as not to be affected by rain, snow, ground moisture, acids, alkalis and chemical gases, and the environment should be kept clean and hygienic.

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