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1. Remove from the refrigerator in the summer and put it at room temperature for several hours, and then use it after the belt is soft. In winter, it can be heated in an oven at a temperature of 60—80 ° C for half an hour to one hour.
2. The lashing work should be carried out at room temperature, but the hot lashing effect is better. Hot binding method:

(A) Preheating the workpiece to be tied, the preheating temperature is about 80 ° C, and the time is 1 hour.
(B) Preheating and weft-free adhesive tape: The non-weft adhesive tape can be placed in an oven at 40 °C ± 5 °C for about 20 minutes, which can be used (preheating and weft-free adhesive tape time should not be too long, avoid premature curing, pre- The heat-free weft-free adhesive tape needs to be used up once).

3. The tension of the weft-free adhesive tape should not exceed 100kg/cm, the tension should be uniform, and the lashing speed should be 10M~15M/S. At the end of the lashing, the end should be locked to prevent the loss of tension applied, resulting in loosening of the fastened strap (the end can be inserted into the inner layer of tape to facilitate compression).

4. The curing temperature is 150 °C, not too high, the curing time is 3 to 4 hours, and the traction motor or industrial large motor is recommended to be used for 5 hours (excluding the heating time of the workpiece). If the curing of the weft-free adhesive tape and the dipping
paint are to be dried once, a test is required to determine that the drying process of the dipped paint does not interfere with the curing of the non-woven adhesive tape.

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