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Crepe insulation paper is one of the main solid paper edge materials in the transformer oil-paper insulation system, which directly affects the quality and life of the transformer. Produced by high-purity insulating wood pulp, machined from cable paper. The product has high strength, good elongation and low pH. crepe insulation paper is suitable for oil-immersed transformers, reactors and transformers for winding insulation. The basis weight of the substrate is up to 130g per square meter, and the longitudinal elongation is up to 200% or according to user requirements. Insulating crepe paper is mainly used for A-stage wrapping insulation of oil-immersed transformers and insulation paper for products such as current transformers and high-voltage electric porcelain.

Product performance and use: Insulated crepe paper is suitable for oil-immersed transformers, crepe paper for reactor and transformer insulation.

Product specifications:
The thickness of the insulating crepe paper is 0.30 mm to 0.40 mm and the average value is 0.35 mm.
The insulation wrinkle paper width is set to 25 mm.30 mm.40 mm.100 mm.

Appearance requirements: Insulation wrinkle paper wrinkles evenly, no folding, damage, trimming should be neat, uniform thickness, the paper surface must not have any impurities, pinholes, water marks and pulp.

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