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Insulated crepe paper is one of the main solid paper edge materials in the transformer oil-paper insulation system, which directly affects the quality and life of the transformer. Produced by high-purity insulating wood pulp, machined from cable paper. The product has high strength, good elongation and low pH. This product is suitable for oil-immersed transformers, reactors and transformers for winding insulation. The basis weight of the substrate is up to 130g per square meter, and the longitudinal elongation is up to 200% or according to user requirements. Mainly used for oil-immersed transformers, Class A wrapped insulation and insulation paper for current transformers and high-voltage electric porcelain.

In the production of many electrical equipment, there are many lines involved, so it is often necessary to use insulating materials. Generally, electrical machinery and electrical appliances are composed of conductor materials, magnetic materials, insulating materials and structural materials. Except for insulating materials, most of the other materials are metal materials. When the electrical machinery is running, it is inevitably affected by temperature, electrical and mechanical stresses and vibrations, harmful gases, chemicals, moisture, dust and radiation. Insulation is more sensitive than other component materials. If these factors are affected, the insulation material will deteriorate and deteriorate, so that we can find the problem early and deal with it in time.

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