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After the paper is sealed by paint, it can reduce the absorption of moisture by the paper, prevent the oxidation of the material, and fill the gaps with the town to reduce the bubbles which may affect the insulation performance, cause partial discharge and electric breakdown. However, some people think that after immersion in the paint, there may be some paint that will slowly dissolve in the oil and affect the performance of the oil. The application of such paint should be fully taken care of.

Of course, the properties of the different fiber materials and the different qualities of the fiber materials of the same composition have different effects on the size and performance. For example, the highest fiber content in cotton and the strongest fiber in cannabis. Due to the good processing and processing of some imported insulating paperboards, the performance is obviously better than that of some domestically produced paperboards. Most of the transformer insulation materials are insulated
with various types of paper (such as paper, cardboard, paper pressure molded parts, etc.).

Therefore, it is very important to select the insulating paper material of the fiber raw material in the manufacture and maintenance of the transformer. The special advantage of fiber paper is its practicability, low price and convenient processing. When the temperature is not high, the molding and treatment are simple and flexible, and the weight is light, the strength is moderate, and the impregnating material (such as insulating paint, transformer oil, etc.) is easily absorbed.

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