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1. Corrugated cardboard: In the oil plate gap structure composed of multi-layer paper tubes of high-voltage transformers, corrugated cardboard can be used instead of struts to form oil gaps. This insulating structure saves insulation material on the basis of ensuring insulation properties.
2. Electrical laminate: A layered structure of insulation made of paper, cloth and wood veneer, dip coated with different adhesives, hot pressed or rolled.
3. Nomex Cardboard: A paperboard made from synthetic materials based on aramid fibers.

4. Pulling rods: The inter-stage rods, air gap stays, screws and screws of the dry type transformer core column are often made of glass wire drawing rods.
5. Electrical thin mold and electrical composite materials: have excellent dielectric properties, are all thin sheet insulation materials. Electrical films include polypropylene film, polyester film and polyimide film. A composite material is a composite article made of one or both sides of a film bonded to a fibrous material.
6. Glass varnish: Glass varnish is made of non-alkali glass cloth for electricians and immersed in insulating varnish. It is baked and used for dry type transformer.
7. Insulation material for transformer lashing: Insulation materials for transformer lashing include cotton cloth belt, shrink belt, semi-dry strip line, mesh semi-dry latitude belt, glass cloth belt and polyester rope.

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