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Insulating material is one of the main products in our company. Insulation material is one of the key factors to determine the economic and economic indicators of motor and electrical equipment. One of the important technical and economic indicators of the motor is the ratio of the mass to power, that is, the kg/kw value. Reducing the ratio is of great significance to the motor.

It is reported that from 1900 to 1967, the quality of 1HP (0.75kW) motor was reduced from 40kg to 10kg, and it has been reduced to 6kg/kW level. An important reason for this change is the use of high heat resistant insulating materials. Reducing the kg/kW value can save a lot of metal materials and reduce the cost of motor. If a class of a (105 C) motor is insulated by H (180 degrees C), the volume can be reduced by 30% to 50%, copper 20%, silicon steel 30% to 50%, and cast iron 25%. Of course, the use of the same type of machine, with a higher temperature resistant insulation material, can improve the power or prolong the service life of the motor. From the cost of motor and electrical products, the cost of insulating materials is about half, which indicates the role and role of insulating materials in motor and electrical industry.

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