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Insulating tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and insulation. Also known as insulating tape, tape, consisting of a base tape and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The base tape is generally made of cotton cloth, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film. The rubber layer is made of rubber and tackifying resin and other compounding agent, and has good adhesiveness and excellent insulation performance. Insulating tape has good insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardancy, weather resistance and other characteristics, and is suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation, heat insulation protection and so on.

Insulating tape is widely used in electrical work such as bandaging, joints, and insulation sealing of wires used at voltages below 380V. The production process has two methods: the rubbing method and the coating method. Production process: made of polyvinyl chloride film as substrate and coated with rubber type pressure sensitive adhesive.

Electrical insulating adhesive tape, commonly known as electrical tape (hereinafter referred to as insulating tape), is a special adhesive tape used for electrical wiring and other insulation. In the past, it has been used in the electrical circuit line of tape-type insulating adhesive tape, that is, black. Insulating tape, the base tree (backing material) is made of a woven fabric impregnated with an insulating material. With the advancement of science and technology and economic development, various types of insulating tapes have appeared, but the common ones are: polyvinyl chloride and polyolefin insulating tape.

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