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Insulating paint, varnish (commonly known as: self baking, dry, non solvent type) insulation paint is a polymer polymer based ZS-1091 high-temperature ceramic insulation coatings, the coating is divided into temperature below 600 DEG C water solvent and 600-1700 two. The coating can be coated surface to form a layer with higher volume resistivity, can withstand the strong electric field without ceramic coating breakdown, the coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, water resistance, aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and is also resistant to mechanical shock and thermal shock properties. the coatings can work continuously in the corresponding working temperature.

The insulating varnish is usually made up of three parts: paint base, solvent or diluent and auxiliary material. It can be divided into four kinds: impregnating varnish, covering paint, silicon steel sheet paint and anti corona paint.

Self – drying insulation paint is an insulating paint that can be dried and made into a film after being coated. The self drying mechanism is generally divided into three categories:

One kind is volatilization drying, that is, the solid resin of high molecular weight is dissolved in the appropriate solvent, and the solvent is evaporated after coating, leaving the solid film resin.This kind of insulation paint is convenient for application and fast drying. But the solvent resistance is poor, and the heat is easily softened.

The second type is oxidation drying. This kind of insulating varnish contains dry vegetable oil. The unsaturated double bond in the molecular structure of dry vegetable oil will oxidize itself by itself under the action of oxygen in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. General oily, phenolic resin and drying alkyd resin insulating paint are oxidation drying insulation paint. This kind of insulating paint because of the higher content of plant oil, low heat resistance, is A grade, E grade insulation material, the drying time is longer, usually a day.

The third kind is curing drying at normal temperature. This kind of insulating paint is cured by chemical reaction at normal temperature. These lacquers are both components or multiple components and are now used. This kind of paint is often used as polyamide resin curing epoxy resin lacquer and double component polyurethane paint. This kind of paint is chemical crosslinking, and the heat resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance are all good.

The most fundamental thing is to rely on a strong technical innovation ability, make full use of chemistry and chemical engineering, the latest scientific and technological achievements, which include the following: 1: strictly control the ratio of raw materials in the production process, to avoid stray ions, especially alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ions are introduced. 2: reduce the content of glass phase as far as possible, and try to reduce the electrical conductivity of the glass phase to be added to improve the performance of the process. 3. The introduction of strict control of iron, cobalt and other polyvalent metal ions, in order to avoid free ions and holes. 4. At the same time, we must strictly control the temperature and atmosphere in the production process, so as to avoid redox reaction and produce electrons and holes, so as to prevent lattice transformation and cause crystal defects.

The product has been widely used in high temperature electric furnace, induction furnace, high motor, refractory equipment, electric motor, telecommunication equipment, high temperature equipment and so on.


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