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The difference between the insulation level of the resin transformer and the oil immersed transformer is not significant, the key lies in the two indexes of the temperature rise of the resin transformer and the partial discharge.

① The average temperature rise level of the resin transformer is higher than that of the oil immersed transformer. Therefore, the insulation material is required to be more heat-resistant. But the average temperature rise of the transformer does not reflect the temperature of the most hot spot in the winding. When the heat resistance grade of insulation material is chosen only according to the average temperature rise or improper selection or the long-term operation of resin transformer, it will affect the service life of transformer.

Because most often do not reflect the transformer hot spot temperature measurement of the transformer temperature, so when the condition is the best in the maximum load operation of the transformer, the hot spot of infrared thermometer check resin transformer, and adjusting the fan cooling equipment direction and angle, the local temperature rise transformer control, ensure the safety of operation of transformer.

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