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② The magnitude of partial discharge of resin transformer is related to the electric field distribution of the transformer, the mixing uniformity of the resin, and whether the residual bubbles or resin cracks are present. The magnitude of the partial discharge affects the performance, quality and service life of the resin transformer.
Therefore, the measurement and acceptance of the partial discharge of the resin transformer is a comprehensive assessment of its process and quality. Partial discharge measurements should be carried out after the acceptance and
overhaul of resin transformers, and the quality and performance stability should be evaluated according to whether the partial discharge changes.

With the more and more wide application of the dry transformer, the technology structure, insulation design and insulation configuration should be understood clearly while choosing the transformer. It is possible to improve the safe operation and power supply reliability of transformer by selecting the production technology and quality assurance system, improving production management and ensuring reliable and reliable products.

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