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The wrinkled insulating paper is suitable for oil immersed transformer, reactor and transformer to wrap around the insulation. The insulated and wrinkled paper is one of the main solid paper insulation materials in the transformer oil paper insulation system, which directly affects the quality and life of the transformer. The product of high purity insulation wood pulp is made of cable paper by machine. The product has high strength, good elongation and pH value of neutral.

Under the action of DC voltage, the insulating material is only passing through a very small current. Its resistance coefficient (refers to the volume resistance coefficient in air) is relatively high, generally in the 108~1020 ohm ˙ cm (the resistance coefficient of the conductor is 10-6~10-3 ohm ˙ cm, the resistance coefficient of the semiconductor is 10-3~108 &dot ˙ CM).

Liquid insulating material: liquid insulating material is usually oil – like, also called insulating oil. Such as mineral oil, vegetable oil, synthetic ester and so on. solid state insulation materials, such as insulating varnish, insulating adhesive, insulating paper, insulating cardboard, corrugated cardboard, electrician plastic and film, electrical laminate, rods, tubes, casting molded epoxy resin, electric porcelain, rubber and mica products.

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