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GPO-3 is an excellent insulating material, which is why it is widely used. As a result, there are more counterfeiters, and there are too many GPO-3 insulation materials on the market. Sticking to the GPO-3 label, but the performance is really different. Good insulation materials can be used safely and efficiently for us. There are many safety hazards in counterfeit and shoddy products. The following insulation manufacturers teach you to identify the true and false of GPO-3.

Method 1, genuine GPO-3 are required to pass the US safety laboratory certification (UL certification), both with independent and unique UL identification code. Therefore, when buying GPO-3 insulation materials, be sure to see if there is a UL identification code, or let the merchant provide a UL identification code.
Method 2, the authentic GPO-3’s leakage resistance index can reach 600V, you can test it, or let the merchant provide indicators.
Method 3, the density of genuine GPO-3 insulation material is between 1.81 and -1.83, it must be in accordance with national standards, there must be no filler in the middle, so be sure to see.

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