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6, require the environment of antistatic protective equipment, what should be paid attention to after wearing antistatic protective articles?

The environment to prevent static electricity is mainly to prevent the harm caused by the charge flow caused by friction, the electrostatic induction caused by charge focusing, or the electrostatic discharge caused by high voltage. After wearing anti-static protection products, we can collect the accumulated charge through the anti-static products in time, and we can’t wear underwear and socks made of raw materials such as fur, because they are insulated and prevent the electrostatic conduction of the body from being grounded. (the resistance value of the conductive shoe is not more than 100K Omega -1000K omega).

7. What is the safe current that can be borne by the human body?

The insulation resistance value in the 800-1000 ohms, but that people with fat, skin thickness, age, size of height is not consistent and different, but also with people’s physical strength is different. The safety current standard of the United States is 16mA, and the current standard of our country is 14mA. In general, the feeling of the body is in Macheng AC 1mA or DC 5mA body, can get rid of the power in AC 14mA, if 20-25mA in AC DC 80mA power current caused by the body numbness or pain, or breathing difficulties, can not get rid of the current, for a long time may cause danger.

8, after wearing insulation boots shoes, what should be paid attention to in the work?

Electrical operation, according to the provisions of wear insulating boots for insulation protection, but sometimes the labor intensity increase or high temperature weather, accidentally hit the wall limb or ground equipment encountered leakage can also cause electrical injury, so although wear insulating boots work in other parts of the body must prevent the ground. In the rainy weather while wearing insulating boots or with insulating gloves, but must be equipped with the necessary gear. Prevent electrical injury of limb from damp conduction.

9. What is the effect of the new national standard of the high voltage insulated boots on the test results from the metal ball instead of the water?

The new national standard metal ball instead of water as the internal power level test is consistent with international standards, national standard test method for the original than foreign standards of harsh, insulating boots as inner electrode due to water, water invasion test reduces the insulation performance of insulating boots, with international standards is unreasonable side, so in the test when the voltage does not allow water to do inside the electrode, but does not allow in the preventive tests taken above the preventive test voltage test.

10. What are the main differences between insulated gloves and rubber high and low pressure insulating gloves for live work?

Insulated gloves for live work are allowed to live within the range of different types of voltage. High and low voltage insulated gloves are auxiliary safety appliances that do not allow live work.

Insulated gloves according to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60903 and GB17622-1998 type test and sample test, the test samples at 16 hour in the pre draft standard after the voltage test, test time is 3 minutes minimum voltage withstand test (unsoaked part gloves must be kept dry mouth).

As the IEC standard type 02 type and sampling test is the first to live working with insulating gloves according to standard immersion depth (test voltage test level of 65 mm from the cuffs of the gloves most resistant to low voltage dip to 75 mm) after 16 hours according to the rate of 3000V per second to 20kV at the same time, time for 3 minutes, no breakdown. The leakage current value does not exceed 20 mA through the step-down power immediately. The minimum tolerable voltage, that is, rises to 30KV at the same rate of boost, that is, power off at once. The conventional test (factory test requirements) is for 1 minutes (16 hours without immersion) under different models of verification voltage.

11. Why do the insulated gloves in the live work find a crack in the test?

Live working in high voltage test for insulating gloves, because of water height is not standard or not is not part of the dry glove cuff flooding caused by two under high pressure between the arc, and the discharge in the air, and it produces sound, at the same time the ionization of air, the oxygen in the air is ionized into ozone, ozone concentration increase when the rubber, causing great oxidative damage to make rubber cracking, high pressure test of rubber is a minor damage failure test, test time, so the rule is in use to carry out preventive test, to ensure the safety of users.

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