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At present, the most widely used power transformers are oil immersed transformer and dry type resin transformer. The insulation of the power transformer is the insulation system of the insulation material of the transformer. It is the basic condition of the normal operation and operation of the transformer. The life of a transformer is determined by the life of an insulating material (i. e., oil paper or resin etc.).

It has been proved that most of the transformer damage and failure are caused by the damage of the insulation system. According to statistics, accidents caused by various types of insulation fault account for more than 85% of all transformer accidents. The insulation material of the transformer with normal operation and attention maintenance management has a long service life. Therefore, to protect the normal operation of transformer and strengthen the reasonable maintenance of insulation system, to a large extent, it can ensure that transformer has relatively long service life. Preventive and predictive maintenance is the key to improve the service life of transformer and improve the reliability of power supply.

In oil immersed transformers, the main insulating materials are insulating oil and insulation paper, cardboard and wood blocks of solid insulating materials. The aging of the so-called transformer insulation is that these materials are decomposed by the influence of environmental factors, reducing or losing the insulation strength.

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