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Insulated bar cable paper, also known as insulating paper, is a paper with insulating property and grey loss function. The cable paper is also called the cable insulation paper. An insulating paper for high-voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables. It is specially used for electromagnetic wire factory, transformer factory, mutual inductor factory and reactor factory.

Cable paper and cable paper tape product features: insulating materials are mostly used for different types of physical properties, temperature, humidity, chemical resistance and so on. Insulation paper is one of them.

Insulation paper can also be used in different specifications according to the thickness of the insulation. The staff can adjust according to the actual length of the need. Under the premise of the original cable paper, the cable paper is processed into various widths, which can effectively control the cost, save time and improve efficiency, and reduce many troubles. Cable paper tape can also effectively guarantee its insulation medium and ash loss due to its neat and clean processing environment.

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