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Insulating crepe paper tube has good insulation, flexibility, water resistance, wear resistance, grease resistance, aging resistance, and good gap blocking material. Insulating paper is generally used on electromechanical products. It is often used as a spacer in the joint between hard metal parts. For example, a pair of barley paper is fastened between the fan blade and the fan head of the household ceiling fan. A bark paper is placed between the spindle pressure ring of the lathe and the gear box. There is a use of barley paper as an insulating medium between lithium battery connections.

The product can be used in a variety of transformers (including open and ventilated dry, cast coil and liquid filled): wire winding, layer insulation, segment and box insulation, winding end packing, partition With a spacer and so on. In open-ventilated dry (OVDT) transformers, NOMEX® products can greatly improve the design of such transformers, reduce electrical losses, improve spare capacity, increase safety and reliability, and reduce the amount of steel used for conductors and cores, thereby reducing size, reduce costs. A major advantage of dry-type transformers is that they can be placed inside buildings.

Products are widely used in electric motors and generators for slot wedge insulation, phase insulation, end laminates, etc. All kinds of rotating equipment (AC, DC motor, random coil and mold winding, and even large steam turbine generator) have better heat insulation, better mechanical properties, higher safety and longer service life.

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