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The properties of insulation boards are interrelated and can not be viewed in isolation. In the process of selecting and developing materials, the advantages and disadvantages of various materials should be comprehensively balanced. In addition, in order to produce insulation paper with good electrical properties, it is necessary to avoid impurities such as metal ions and bubbles and water in the process of production, and the insulation paper should have high uniformity.

Good quality bleached wood paper and cotton velveteen are used as reinforcing materials and made of phenolic resins made from high purity and fully synthetic petrochemical materials, which are made as resin adhesives. The products are often used to make two different kinds of products, such as clamp nylon board and electric board. Nylon board has high flame retardance, abrasion resistance, insulation, creep resistance, heat aging, fatigue strength and wear resistance. The electric board has the characteristics of high rigidity, antistatic and high flame retardancy. The electric wood is a synthetic synthetic chemical. Once it is heated and formed, it can not be solidified to cause other things. Therefore, it has the characteristics of non water absorption, non conductive, high temperature resistance and high strength, and is widely used in electrical products.

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