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Asbestos is a silicate mineral, also known as asbestos, has high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal erosion resistance, electrical insulation and has the spinnability of minerals, the manufacturing sector mainly for automotive, chemical, electrical equipment, construction and other aspects, used in the mechanical transmission, braking and insulation, fire prevention, heat insulation, anti-corrosion, insulation, insulation etc..

All kinds of electrical insulation materials are made from asbestos fiber and phenolic resin. In the electrician to do high pressure equipment floor, high voltage switch handle, telephone headphone handle and military equipment and distribution plate, distribution board, dashboard and so on. In a paper machine, with a selection of asbestos insulation thickness for asbestos paper below 0.2mm, is used in a motor coil insulation material.

When the chrysotile is used for the manufacture of electrical insulation materials, it is necessary to pay full attention to the form of the iron in the fiber. If the iron is dispersed in the fiber with fine magnetite particles, the insulation of the products is significantly reduced, and even the electrical products can not be made. Therefore, special treatment must be taken to remove such impurities, which can be used in the manufacture of electrical insulating products.

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