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Epoxy glass cloth laminated rod can be also called epoxy rods, with alkali free glass cloth as the reinforcing material impregnated with epoxy, baked into pre impregnated material. Then the mechanical equipment is used to make the billet of the rod core, and the mold is pressed into the die by hot pressing. It is used for motor and electrical equipment as structural parts.

3840 Epoxy glass cloth laminated rod

Epoxy rods are widely used in insulation structures in motor, electrical and radio equipment. At the same time, insulation structures such as the coil frame and the casing sleeve, interrupter rod, electrical equipment, transformer, wiring board and stays in large generator coil end ring, can also be used in aviation, aerospace, marine industrial insulation parts, acoustic material sonar instrument, solvent resistance, corrosion protection in oil industry in the pipeline.

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