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Insulation board Epoxy insulation board is a solid insulation material, which can be divided into organic insulation material and inorganic insulation material.

Inorganic solid insulation material (insulation board epoxy resin insulation board): It mainly has glass fiber epoxy resin, which has high temperature resistance, friction resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance and certain mechanical strength. His cost is relatively low and he occupies a certain position in the application. Inorganic solid insulation material (insulating board epoxy resin insulation board) has strong processing performance and is suitable for the processing of insulation and insulation parts of electrical and electronic equipment.

Insulation board epoxy resin insulation board FR-4 insulation board 3240 insulation board insulation paper has long-term electrical resistance and insulation characteristics, is an important part of the structure of high-voltage insulation equipment, and is also suitable for high temperature applications. Anti-friction, insulation, transformer factory, power distribution cabinet factory, electronic and electrical electrical main products.

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