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The inorganic solid insulating material (epoxy resin insulating plate insulating plate): It is mainly glass fiber epoxy, which has a high temperature, abrasion, insulation, corrosion protection, a certain mechanical strength. His cost is relatively low and he occupies a certain position in the application. Inorganic solid insulation material (insulating board epoxy resin insulation board) has strong processing performance and is suitable for the processing of insulation and insulation parts of electrical and electronic equipment.

Insulation board epoxy resin insulation board FR-4 insulation board 3240 insulation board insulation paper has long-term electrical resistance and insulation characteristics, is an important part of the structure of high-voltage insulation equipment, and is also suitable for high temperature applications. Anti-friction,
insulation, transformer factory, power distribution cabinet factory, electronic and electrical electrical main products. The glass fiber of the insulating board epoxy resin insulating board can be made into silk, cloth and belt, and has much higher heat resistance than the organic fiber, and plays an irreplaceable role in the insulating structure.

Before the reform and opening up, the insulating materials were mainly natural; cotton, paper, silk and so on. These materials have a certain flexibility, which meets the requirements of the process and is easy to purchase on the market. The emergence of synthetic materials after the reform and opening up has fundamentally
changed the appearance of solid materials. With the appearance of insulating sheet epoxy resin insulating sheet glass fiber silicone resin, the heat resistance grade of the insulating board epoxy resin insulating board is greatly improved, and the electric transformer of the electric transformer is greatly improved.

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