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Phenolic laminated paper made from bleached wood pulp paper soaked in phenolic resin.

Electricity board, hard wood such as insulation, do not produce static electricity, wear resistant and high temperature resistance and other properties, be the insulation switch and variable resistance of electronic products, machinery with mold and production line fixture, and use can be used in the transformer oil and other products.

Bakelite, is a kind of artificial synthetic chemicals, once the thermoforming, shape and solidification can’t into something else, because has not bibulous, non-conductive, high temperature resistant, high strength characteristics,
combined with gf application used in electrical appliances, hence the name.

Electronic production tool fixture making, performance testing… The characteristics of this section are excellent in electrical performance, good mechanical processing performance, 1.45 proportion, no more than 3‰ of warp warp, and good electrical, mechanical and machining properties.

The paper board is the most common laminate and the most widely used industrial laminate in the world.

Main features:

good mechanical strength, anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, is made of bakelite impregnated paper with phenolic resin, baked and hot pressed.

This product is suitable for mechanical and electrical equipment, which can be used in transformer oil. Good mechanical strength, suitable for PCB drilling with gasket, distribution box, fixture board, die plywood, high and low pressure distribution box, packaging machine, comb, etc.  Applicable to motor, mechanical mould, PCB and ICT tools. Molding machine, drilling machine, mesa grinding pads.

Application area of imported wood board: applicable to PCB drilling, silicon rubber mould. Tools: switchboard, electrical machinery parts.

It is suitable for machinery, electrical equipment and insulation structure. Good mechanical strength, mainly used in ICT, ITE fixture in insulation parts processing, test fixture, mold silicone rubber buttons, fixture, mold plate, mesa grinding plate, packing machine, comb, etc.

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