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The iron core is one of the important components of the power transformer. It is stacked by high conductivity silicon steel sheet, and then clamped with a steel clamp or ligation with a glass ribbon.

1. Silicon steel sheet

Silicon steel sheet for power transformers is a cold gadolinium silicon steel sheet with a thickness of 0.3~0.5mm. At present, only Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant and Shanghai Baogang Steel can produce this cold gadolinium silicon steel sheet. However, the silicon steel chips used for large transformers are also imported from Japan.

2. The structure of iron core

(1) single-phase two-column iron core for a variety of single-phase transformers.
(2) single-phase column yoke type iron core for high voltage and large capacity single-phase transformer.
(3) single-phase two-column yoke type iron core for high voltage and ultra high voltage large capacity single-phase transformer.
(4) three-phase three-column iron core for all kinds of three-phase transformers.
(5) five-column iron core for large capacity three-phase transformer.

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