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With the rapid development of science, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention. The improvement of human survival and self protection ability and consciousness has put forward higher requirements for scientific researchers. When you are designing and studying a material, an assessment of the impact of health and safety is a problem that must be considered. Glass fiber is one of the man-made mineral fibers. Whether it is harmful to humans or whether it has carcinogenicity is very concerned. Especially when asbestos is listed as a cardiac substance, people’s concerns are understandable.

So far, many government departments and researchers in many countries believe that the possibility of the carcinogenesis of glass fiber is not very likely. The Canadian government’s assessment conclusion is: “glass fiber is not likely to cause cancer to human beings”. “Glass fiber will not enter the environment with the quantity and way of glass that endangers people’s life”. In recent ten years, a large number of research data in some countries in Europe and America have shown that no increase in the incidence of lung cancer has been found in mice and human inhalation of glass fiber.

The main factors determining the human effects of glass fiber are:
1. Human contact with glass fiber, including the concentration of glass fiber in the air, contact time, and so on.
2. The physical and chemical properties of glass fibers, including dissolving, retention and static charge in the lungs.
3. The degree of glass fiber being removed from the body and the retention time in the lungs.
4. The length and diameter of the glass fiber.

Among these factors, the length and diameter are the most important. The length of human inhalable glass fiber is 5-200m, the diameter is less than 3 m, and the ratio of length to diameter is shorter than 3:1. Fine fibers are easily inhaled, but they are also easily removed from the lungs.

Asbestos is sucked deep into the lungs and will never be dissolved in the human body, and the glass fiber will be dissolved and absorbed only a few months. Production operators contact glass fibers can cause temporary skin, eye, or membrane stimulation, but rarely have anaphylaxis. Skin itching is not an allergic reaction but a mechanical stimulus.

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