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Here are several suggestions:

1. Wear loose fitting long sleeved clothes and fastened at the wrist and ankle, wearing gloves. Finish the work with mild soap and warm water for the skin
2. When necessary, such as working face at the top, please wear safety glasses, wear a hat and scarf
3. Wear a mask when working or using an electric tool in a closed or poorly ventilated place
4. Keep the workplace clean
5. Use the correct cutting tools
6. If possible, adopt high efficiency dust collecting system
7. When the product is dismantled and the place is cleaned, please sprinkle water to reduce the fiber in the air
8. Immediately change dresses after the work is finished
9. Cleaning the work clothes separately

The above proposal of Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. will prevent you from stimulating the glass fiber products. Glass fiber is still considered to be a very safe product. In particular, reinforced glass fiber roving series products, because the fiber is more rough and safer, please feel free to use it.

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