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The whole stage of the laminating process of the copper sheet mainly consists of several main processes, such was cutting, layup, lamination, and unloaded plate.

The laminated blanks of the prepared semi finished rubber paper (cloth) are covered with copper anchors, the upper and lower copper plates are used as moulds, and then placed between the heating plates of the press, and the laminating process of high temperature and high pressure is made. The laminating process is accomplished by three different stages of process control, namely, preheating, hot pressing and cooling. At present, the laminating process of the paper based copper clad plate, due to the improvement of the production technology level (the quality and performance of the resin making and sizing), can be achieved by the laminating process of direct high temperature and high pressure at home and abroad. In the laminate process, the “two step method” is usually adopted to improve the performance of the glass fiber base copper clad laminate.

That is to say, at low temperature and low pressure, the pre-heating stage is first pressed, then the high pressure and temperature are added to complete the curing process of the plate.


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