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Electrical laminated wood veneer is widely used as insulating and supporting material in transfromers and instrument transformers. It has many virtues such as moderate specific gravity, high mechanical properties, easy vacuum drying, easy mechanical processing etc. The dielectric constant of this material is close to transformer oil, so it makes a reasonable insulation match. And it can be used in transformer oil of 105C for long time.

People usually use this material to make upper/lower pressure pieces, cable supporting beams, limbs, spacer blocks in oil-immersed transformers, and clamps in instrument transformers. It replaced steel plates, insulating paper sheets, epoxy paper sheets, epoxide woven glass fabric lamination in these fields, and cutted down the material expenses and weight of transformers.

The raw materials of electrical laminated wood veneers are high quality birch and willow timbers. After boiling, rotary cutting, drying, these timbers are made to veneers. At last the veneers will be glued with special insulating gluewater and processed under high temperature and pressure.

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