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Insulation material is able to prevent the current through the material, has the very big resistance to the DC current in DC voltage, in addition to the surface of tiny leakage current, it is almost not conductive, and for alternating current through the capacitor current, but also that is not conductive. Antistatic products are made of insulating materials.

Epoxy phenolic resin plate is a hard plate insulating material made of impregnated paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth, impregnated phenolic resin and epoxy resin by baking hot press. Epoxy phenolic resin plate has high mechanical strength, dielectric properties, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for insulating parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high demand, and can be used in damp environment and transformer. The heat resistance grade is B grade.

The insulation main components of raw material for rubber plate, which contains other fabric and metal sheet and other reinforced materials, products after vulcanization, and the sample is a specific thickness and large area for sheet objects, has been referred to as the plastic, high hardness, have been widely used in transportation and mining department enterprise, as well as the real ground etc..

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