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In the process of making dry-type transformers, it is necessary to master certain technologies. Only by continuously ensuring the technology of dry-type transformers and improving the performance of dry-type transformers can the make dry-type transformers be continuously improved and It plays a greater role in economic and social development. What are the relevant process flows of dry-type transformers during production?

When manufacturing dry-type transformer cores, different raw materials are selected and the corresponding processing technology is also different. For example, silicon steel sheets are selected for processing and manufacturing. Ordinary shearing machines can be directly selected for strip cutting processing. The process operation of dry-type transformer is relatively difficult, does not require a large amount of mechanical equipment to support and does not require annealing. When coil processing is selected, the raw materials need to be cut through a CNC machining center in order to meet the core manufacturing requirements. In addition, if the planar laminated iron core of dry-type transformer is manufactured, the next operation must be determined according to the width parameter of the iron chip to ensure that the entire steel silicon wafer can be effectively cut into strips. The obtained strips are continuously subjected to longitudinal shear. Finally, based on the length parameters of the iron chip, the sheet material of dry-type transformer cut for the first time is required. However, the manufacturing process of the rolled core is different. There is no need to perform secondary lateral shearing of the material. After the longitudinal shearing operation is completed, only the core length parameter needs to be made in combination with the core length parameter.

Generally, there will be a lot of burrs on the edge of the iron core after shearing, and it needs to be removed by professional means. To save time, it can be operated together with the shearing process. In addition, there are some cases where the magnetic core is weakened due to mechanical stress during the dry-type transformer manufacturing process of the rolled core and an annealing operation must be performed. After the machining operation is completed, the silicon steel sheet should be painted and an insulation layer should be manufactured to ensure the reliable operation of the dry-type transformer in the later period.

Finally, the installation of the fastening parts can be completed. The entire iron core manufacturing process needs to operate in strict compliance with professional standards. The implementation of any process must be standardized and scientific to prevent any hidden dangers to ensure that the quality of iron core manufacturing can meet professional standards.

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