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The power transformer consists of two parts of the body and the accessories. The body is composed of coils, insulating parts, iron core, split switch, transformer oil and oil tank. The accessories of the transformer include oil storage cabinet, cooler, casing, gas relay, pressure releaser and thermometer. The cooler, insulating oil, casing, split switch, gas relay, pressure releaser and thermometer are purchased from the outside. The following is a brief introduction to the manufacturing process of several main components.

1, coil winding: installation of winding frame – winding coil – wire welding – package insulation coil shaping – coil test.
2, iron core assembly: silicon steel cutting – deburring – stacked iron core – pulling plate and shielding – tie core – iron core test – iron core clamp.
3, insulation parts processing: insulation cutting – deburring – chamfering – moisture-proof treatment.
4, oil tank and oil storage cabinet processing: steel plate cutting – oil tank and oil storage cabinet welding – rust removing – sandblasting – paint – Spray – mechanical strength test.
5, general equipment: iron core – fuel tank pipe – coil – stacked iron yoke – tap changer – welding lead – insulation of lead wire – semi-finished product test – body drying – finisher body – fuel tank assembly – accessories assembly – grease -seal test – hot oil circulation – static.

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