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For the epoxy pouring drying, as the whole coil conductor is sealed by the solid insulating layer of the epoxy resin, it is not only difficult to immerse the tidal gas, but also completely block the possibility that the conductor is infringed by various harmful oxygen bodies and corrosion chemical components. Therefore, its moisture proof and antifouling performance is very good, and can work in extreme bad environment conditions, it is proved that the operation practice at home and abroad has proved this.

Although most of the current varnish drying processes are mostly vacuum pressure soaking and moisture resistant NOMEX paper insulation, the moisture resistance is not as good as that of epoxy resin pouring. This gap is innate, for example, in some American dry factory samples, the company indicates that the soaking drying process can only work at 90%. Humidity conditions, but not in 100% humidity environment.

In addition, because of the NOMEX paper insulation dip drying, most of them adopt the structure of the cake type coil, and most of them are used in the form of non encapsulation. The coils are more difficult to clean up after the dust collection. Therefore, compared with the epoxy resin pouring type drying, the normal maintenance work is larger and the environmental conditions are higher.

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