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There are many ways of dehumidification of alkali free glass ribbons. The most commonly used methods are constant temperature drying and oil immersed drainage. Below, Zhongtian Group briefly describes these two methods, so that you can better use alkali free glass ribbon.

Alkali Free Glass Fiber Ribbons

(1) the constant temperature drying method: roll the insulating tape into a small diameter of 25~30mm, and put it into a 110~120 constant temperature drying box, bake 4~5h, cool it out and put it into a dry sealed container.
(2) oil moisture exhaust method: insulated with small volume in the constant temperature in cable oil 120~130 degrees, away from the 30mm distance of the bottom of the pot, after a certain period of time no longer oil bubble out, into the storage cable oil barrel, oil level should be more than all the loaded objects and the seal.

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