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Arc Resistance of Insulating Materials: The ability of an insulating material to withstand arcing along its surface under certain conditions specified in the test. In the test, an alternating current high-voltage small current is used, and the arc generated by the high voltage between the two electrodes can determine the arc resistance of the insulating material by the time required to form a conductive layer on the surface of the insulating material (insulating board). The greater the time value of the insulating material, the better its arc resistance.

Breakdown voltage and electrical strength of the insulating material: In the case of a strong electric field in the experiment, the insulating material is destroyed, and the insulating material loses the insulating property and becomes a conductive state, which is called breakdown. The voltage at breakdown is called the breakdown voltage (dielectric strength). The electrical strength is the quotient of the voltage between the two electrodes when the breakdown occurs under specified (certain) conditions, that is, the breakdown voltage per unit thickness. For an insulating material (insulation board), generally, the higher the breakdown voltage and the electric strength, the better.

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