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Transformer insulation board is also common in life. Just like the most important part of transformer assembly is insulation board. The existence of transformer insulation board is indispensable for us. Although we can’t directly contact it, we indirectly Used, just like the existence of a transformer, how can we use electricity without it?

In the following, the insulating material is one of the most important materials in the transformer. Its performance and quality directly affect the reliability of the transformer operation and the service life of the transformer. Therefore, the quality of the insulating material is the most important to the transformer manufacturer. New insulation materials used in transformer products are emerging.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of electrical equipment such as motors and transformers has become increasingly widespread. The reliability and service life of the transformer operation depend to a large extent on the insulation material used. Practice has proved that most transformer damage and failure are caused by damage to the insulation system. Therefore, insulating materials are increasingly valued by transformer design and manufacturing personnel.

In the past two decades, new products, new technologies and new theories of transformer insulation materials have emerged and developed continuously, which has made transformer insulation materials and their applications form a very important subject. Insulating cardboard is a general term for paperboard for electrical insulation industry. Generally, there are air insulating paperboard and oil insulating paperboard, etc., and have good insulation, heat resistance, durability and the like.

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