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In terms of structure, NMN composite insulation paper adopts a three-layer structure, and the outer two layers are NOMEX insulation paper, and the inner layer is MYLAR polyester film. It is precisely because of this that NMN composite insulation paper not only has the excellent thermal resistance performance of NOMEX, but also has excellent dielectric strength and mechanical properties of polyester film.

Excellent performance makes NMN composite insulation paper suitable for many occasions, among which the more common is the inter-turn insulation and gasket insulation for F-class and H-class motors, and the various parts of the motor are effectively protected.

The inner diameter of NMN composite insulation paper is 3 inches, which can be supplied in rolls or cut into strips or sheets. Generally, the weight of each roll of NMN composite insulation paper is 60-70 KG; the length depends mainly on the customer’s needs. The different requirements of width can range from 3.5 mm to 914 mm.


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