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The three-phase dry phase shifted frequency conversion rectifier transformer is the dry type transformer with the highest insulation level. The main insulation of the transformer is Nomex insulation system. Nomex paper and its products are the
patented products of DuPont Co. They are synthetic insulating materials based on aromatic amide fibers. When Nomex paper is used in the insulation system of transformer, its electrical and mechanical properties are very stable at high temperature, and its flame retardancy is very good. The advantages of Nomex paper and its dry change are as follows:

1. Outstanding heat resistance: one of the most outstanding advantages of Nomex paper is its high heat resistance and high temperature. It belongs to the Class C insulation material. The electrical and mechanical properties are very stable at more
than 200 °C. At the temperature of 250 °C, it will not melt, flow and fuel. At the temperature of 750 °C, no toxic or corrosive gases will be released. The dry change made of it can withstand short term operation at 350 degree temperature, and
overload capacity and heat shock endurance are very prominent.

2. Strong mechanical properties: Nomex paper is very strong, the deformation is very small under the action of pressure, and the flexibility of Nomex paper is very good, resisting tearing, abrasion resistance and cutting and wearing. When Nomex
paper is used in different parts of the insulation system, it can maintain good mechanical properties. The dry change made of it will maintain the stability and firmness of the insulation structure under the action of short circuit or other mechanical stress.

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