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G11 insulation board is actually a type of insulation board insulation material, G11 is a grade division of insulation board. Insulation board also has various types and grades of insulation materials such as FR4 insulation board and G11 insulation board. G11 insulation board is mainly used in the electronics and electrical industries. It has excellent insulation performance and can maintain excellent working conditions in various harsh environments.

The advantages of G11 insulation board are: its excellent insulation performance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical properties, moisture resistance, dielectric properties and so on. Its high temperature resistance can reach 288 degrees of high temperature, and it can work normally and stably.

The specific scope of application includes: insulation separators in electronic and electrical equipment, insulation boards used in transformers, insulation parts of electronic switches, glass fiber mesons, precision test boards, precision planetary gears, etc., which need to be insulated and utilized. It is characterized by a variety of industries and objects.

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