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The winter weather is cold, the humidity in the air is high, and the temperature is lower. The ZTELEC oil-immersed transformer has certain requirements on the installation and operating environment temperature. When the ambient temperature is lowered, the oil level will also decrease. If the oil level is lower than the minimum scale of the oil level gauge, the transformer should be refueled in time. Avoid failure of the ZTELEC oil-immersed transformer.

In the oil-immersed transformer, if there is oil leakage, oil level is too high or too low, oil temperature is abnormal, oil color changes and other abnormal phenomena during operation, if it continues to operate, the transformer may not work properly and Poor performance, even causing malfunctions, and even a fire may occur in severe cases. Therefore, the staff must strengthen the management and maintenance of ZTELEC oil-immersed transformers in winter to ensure the normal operation of oil-immersed transformers.

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