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HVDC All converter transformers require on-load tap-changers. Therefore, the construction of UHV and EHV transmission lines in China has played a catalytic role in the application of on-load tap-changer technology. Because of the high voltage level of UHV transmission and frequent operation, high requirements are put forward on the safety and reliability of transmission lines, and the on-load tap-changer plays a very important role. Since entering the Chinese market, we have participated in the construction of many major projects. Among them, many of the technologies for carrying on-board technology are at the forefront of the world.

Such as 1000 kV UHV AC demonstration project, the Three Gorges hydropower project, the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues, 2010 Shanghai World Expo venues and so on. In the 1000-kilovolt Huainan-Shanghai UHV AC transmission demonstration project in 2011, one of the 1000 kV on-load tap-changers was adopted in Wuhu Substation, which is the world’s first application of on-load voltage regulation technology for UHV grids.

In recent years, with the transformer capacity increase and voltage levels rise, on-load tap-changer indeed put forward requirements. For example, a 310-MVA transformer in Balikesir, Turkey, is by far the largest and most powerful furnace transformer because it passes current levels of nearly 3000 Amps and the tap-changer thus reaches its load limit.

During operation, the peak amperage is up to 130,000 amps. To withstand such a high passing current is a challenge for on-load tap-changers and transformers. If you have better suggestions or views in this area, you can leave a message to us. We sincerely hope that we can bring a better quality product for all of us.

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