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After the transformer is assembled, it is a matter of packing, warehousing and shipping. So what are we to pay attention to in these processes?

One, packing: the general small transformer only use simple packing. For large transformer, especially export products are required by the packing box, specially designed for transport package bag rack, parts, and mark the name of goods, weight, center of gravity, alarms, destination, station name, receipt label. After the packing is completed, strict inspection should be carried out.

Two, warehousing: the General Factory is put into the hut, the open pit or the train platform in the factory. But there must be a special person to register, discharge neatly, set up measures such as rain proof, oil filling, and disaster prevention.

Three, shipment: according to the means of transport, it can be divided into three types: railway transportation, road transportation and water transportation. According to the medium of transformer, it can be divided into three kinds: dry air, oil and nitrogen transportation.

1. Railway transportation: the limit of hight, length and weight should be based on the provisions of railway transportation. The general transformer uses the flat type vehicle, the large transformer uses the treasure car.

2, highway transportation: the general small transformer is shipped by truck. Medium sized transformer with flat trailer, automatic rotation Trailer with two things in large transformers and oversize transformer, the middle of a specially designed transport frame, the transformer clamping in this special shelf, shelves at both ends of the support can rotate in the two stations on a trailer.

3, waterway transportation: the transformer manufacturer which is convenient to transport the water can be transported by shipboard. Shipboard transport can be packaged according to the requirements of water and sea for packaging. Except for large transformer body is installed overboard, its parts are the best packed in box. The boxmust meet the special requirements of water and sea transportation.

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