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Epoxy plate, also known as epoxy fiberglass board, is a kind of polymer that can be used in medium temperature environment. In the case of high temperature at 180 °C, the thermal deformation will occur. Therefore, the epoxy plate generally does not heat in one piece with other metals, otherwise it will easily cause the metal sheet to deform. It can be widely used in all kinds of high insulation parts, such as mechanical, electrical and electronic industries. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and its heat resistance grade can reach F grade (155 °C).

Compared with other high insulation parts, the advantages of epoxy plate in various applications are more obvious, mainly in the following 5 aspects:

Through the use of different resin, curing agent, modifier, and so on, can be made into various styles of epoxy board, can be fully adapted to the application of various products.

Because the epoxy plate is only at the temperature of more than 180 °C, it will be deformed. So in the temperature range of 0~180 °C, so long as the curing agent is selected, it is easy to solidify.

Because of the existence of special substances in the epoxy plate, it has a high adhesion force.

Because epoxy plate is solidified when adding curing agent, there is no product water or other volatile substances, so it has low shrinkage in curing process.

After curing, because of the epoxy resin system in the material, it has strong mechanical properties.

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