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Epoxy resin: epoxy resin is originally thermoplastic, and it will become thermosetting under the action of various curing agents. The epoxy resin has good electrical insulation, heat resistance, climate change, high stability and low moisture permeability. It can be closely glued to a variety of materials such as metal and ceramics. In the electronics industry it is mainly used for knitting, pouring, encapsulation, coating and laminates.


Silicone resin: also known as organic resin, a new class of polymer compounds with the advantages of organic and inorganic substances. It has good mechanical and heat resistance, good dielectric property, waterproof, moisture proof, cold resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and electric arc high pressure corona. It is widely used in the manufacture of organosilicon lacquers, organosilicon moulded plastics, for impregnation, coating and encapsulation of electronic components. Transparent silicone glass resin, electrical performance and high frequency performance, suitable for high temperature, high humidity conditions, often used as a surface coating for various materials.

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