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The main performance of the insulated crepe paper tube is that its insulating properties are also called dielectric properties. The evaluation of dielectric properties is mainly for two aspects: the evaluation of materials on the one hand, the quality, formulation and curing degree of the materials themselves; Product evaluation, product design and manufacturing quality.

a. Dielectric strength: Under the specified test conditions, the ratio of the breakdown voltage of the insulation to the insulation thickness at the breakdown is the breakdown strength, and the unit is kV/mm.

b. Insulation resistance: The resistance of an insulating material between conductors or between a conductor and a grounding point under specified conditions.

c. Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage: Apply a certain power frequency withstand voltage between the two poles of the actual application of the insulation, so that the product can be kept at this specific voltage for a specified period of time, and the insulation should not break down or flash. Network

d. Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage: It can withstand a certain number of positive and negative polarities between the two poles of the actual application of the insulation. The surge voltage of the wavefront time of 20us and below, the insulation should not break down, the number of flashovers No more than 2 times.

e. Partial discharge: An electrical discharge in which the insulation between the conductors is partially bridged. This discharge may occur in the vicinity of the conductor or not in the vicinity of the conductor. (only partial discharge across the insulation between the conductors).

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