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The one or multi layer films deposited on the surface of optical parts to change the optical properties of optical parts are optical PET films. According to the application, PET optical thin film can be divided into reflective film, antireflection film, optical filter film, protective film, polarizing film, beam splitter and phase film. The first 4 are commonly used.

Optical polyester film having low haze and high light transmittance, high surface smoothness, thickness tolerance etc. excellent optical performance, mainly for high-end LCD display equipment in diffusion film, protection film, brightness enhancement film, reflective film, anti-static protective film, touch screen and flexible display film other domain. In the raw material of the liquid crystal panel, the optical film is used in the backlight module, the polarizer and the liquid crystal material.

Demand trend of optical film in liquid crystal display panel

Liquid crystal display is the mainstream plate display technology, which is widely used in the fields of LCD TV, notebook computer, display and mobile phone. In the whole TFT-LCD production process, the total area of the optical film is about 15-20 times that of the panel, and the cost is about 15~20% of the liquid crystal panel. China is becoming the largest producer of flat panel display equipment in the world. Meanwhile, the explosive growth of touchscreen industry in China has promoted the demand for optical thin films. Optical thin films have become one of the most important strategic raw materials for the front end of the photoelectric industry chain.

The demand of optical film in smart phone

According to the latest quarterly report on mobile phone market in China, the second quarter of 2014 shows that in the second quarter, the sales volume of China’s mobile phone market (excluding goods and Shanzhai machines) was 112 million 120 thousand, an increase of 1.46% compared to the same period, an increase of 24.4% over the same period. Among them, the number of smartphone sales is 102 million 980 thousand, accounting for 91.9% of the overall mobile phone market.

The demand of optical film in tablet computer

According to the quarterly monitoring report of China’s Tablet PC market in the first quarter of 2014, the sales volume of China’s tablet computers was 5 million 29 thousand in the first quarter of 2014, a decrease of 14.1% compared to the same period, an increase of 48% over the same period last year. In the second quarter, China’s tablet sales were 5 million 442 thousand, and the ring rose by 8.21%.

According to DIGITIMES Research, the annual composite growth rate of the global LCD technology digital panel shipments will reach 22.7% in the 2009-2015 years, reaching 3 million 500 thousand shipments in 2015, and the demand for optical coatings has also increased rapidly. According to the data of WitsView, the size of the panel industry will still maintain the growth of 3%-4% this year, and the overall profitability of the industry will be better than last year.

The application fields of optical thin film is very wide, in addition to film over the field, there are many other market segments with the film, such as consumer electronics, home appliance control panel with a single shell hardening film, fog mask, the demand with consumer electronics and home appliances demand growth and steady growth; LCD TV with AG anti glare film, anti spy film, the protector, as demand for the picture quality and safety is more and more strong, more and more large space optical film market.

China’s BOPET industry is at a stage of rapid development. Polyester film is a new type of industrial materials, green environmental protection, sustainable modification, its application field followed the development of the country, the development and application of all kinds of special function continued to expand to high performance and multiple functions of polyester film, will not only promote the development of related industries also makes the production mode of China BOPET industry from scale to specialization the development of the division of labor.



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