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As the extrusion molding is a continuous process, continuous fiber bundles, cloth, felt or other continuous fabrics should be selected. The conditions of extrusion process should be determined according to the technological conditions of the selected resin system. The content of reinforced materials should be controlled at around 40%-80%. According to the application requirements, the products with higher mechanical properties require higher content of reinforcement, otherwise, the content is less.

The wall thickness of the extruded product should be about 2mm, and the products of special requirements can be designed separately. Extruded products have high strength and low transverse strength in extrusion direction. They are typical anisotropic products. If transverse strength is to be strengthened, circumferential winding can also be further strengthened.

Common defects and improvement measures for extrusion molding
1. The surface is rough. Reasons: lack of glass fiber; improper selection of resin curing agent; poor removal of mold. Improvement measures: increase the glass fiber; select the appropriate curing agent; choose the appropriate demoulding agent.
2, internal cracking. Reasons: the curing rate is too fast, and the curing and exothermic are too high. Improvement measures: adjust the dosage of curing agent and curing speed, or change the curing agent.
3. The surface is loose. Reason: the content of the resin is insufficient. Improvement measures: increase the amount of resin and improve the viscosity of the resin.

Here, Zhongtian Electric Group warmly remind you that during the pultrusion process, in addition to the selected pultrusion equipment, process and fiber orientation is fixed, and many other factors, such as room temperature curing characteristic, resin molding technics, initiator and pultrusion molding temperature, will be to an important role in the product performance and quality of play.

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