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The polyimide film has been packaged and ready for shipment to India. It has the advantages of wide application temperature, chemical corrosion resistance and high strength. As a special engineering material, polyimide has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nanometer, liquid crystal, separation membrane, laser and other fields.

Polyimide film (referred to as PI film) is the best performance film insulation material in the world. It has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical stability, high radiation resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. (-269 °C to + 400 °C). In 1959, DuPont Company first synthesized aromatic polyimide. In 1962, it was made into polyimide film (PI film). It was produced in 1965 and its brand name is KAPTON. In addition, in recent years, the world’s most famous polyimide film products, as well as the Upilex series produced by Ube, Japan, and the Apical series of Japan’s Zhongyuan Chemical.

PI film as the motor slot insulation and cable wrapping material is one of the earliest uses of polyimide. Electronic grade PI films are also used in a large number of applications in large scale and very large scale integrated circuits. It is mainly used as a dielectric layer for interlayer insulation, a buffer layer, and a particle shielding layer. Polyimide has a linear expansion coefficient similar to that of copper and has excellent heat resistance. It has strong adhesion to copper foil and is widely used in flexible printed circuit board substrate materials – flexible coating. Copper plate (FCCL). In recent years, PI membranes have continued to expand their application areas. For example, a transparent PI film can be made into a flexible solar cell substrate, and a radio frequency identification tag (RFIDTag) substrate can also be made of a PI film.

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