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The multilayer PCB is formed on a soft insulating substrate, and the finished product is specified to be flexible: such a multilayer flexible PCB is laminated into a multilayer board by a soft insulating material such as a polyimide film. The inherent flexibility is lost after lamination.This type of flexible PCB is used when the design requires maximum use of the insulating properties of the film, such as low dielectric constant, uniform thickness of the medium, light weight, and continuous processing. For example, a multilayer PCB made of polyimide film insulation is about one-third lighter than a rigid glass cloth of epoxy glass cloth.

In recent years, polymer foam materials have been widely used in the aerospace, aerospace, transportation and construction industries due to their light weight, specific strength, high specific stiffness, heat and sound absorption. With the further improvement of the requirements for high and low temperature resistance, insulation properties, smokelessness, non-toxicity and easy processing of foamed plastics, polymer foams (such as polyolefin foam and polystyrene foam) are currently on the market. , polyurethane foam, PVC foam, phenolic foam, etc.) can not meet the requirements of use. Therefore, the research and development of high performance polymer foam has become a new research hotspot and direction.

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